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Where can I download a PCI DSS ROC template?

The PCI Security Standards Council makes copies of the various Report of Compliance (ROC) reporting template available to download as a PDF in their Document Library. The direct link to download the version 3.2.1 ROC reporting template is: If you would prefer a copy of the template in Word format, ask your QSA. They…

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What does PCI DSS stand for?

The PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Here, Payment Card Industry refers to companies handling payment card data belonging to one of the 5 payment card brands: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa. In the mid-2000’s these 5 companies formed the PCI Security Standards Council to oversee development of a…

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The Best PCI DSS Advice

With 20 year’s experience in the card processing space, I’ve seen PCI DSS evolve from its earliest days to its current form. In that time I’ve worked with lots of outside companies as clients and service providers. PCI DSS is sometimes thought of as a very strict standard, one that takes a prescriptive approach on…

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